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List your ham radio equipment for sale here. Sale of ham radio equipment through WB5TKA Dooley's Treasure Chest consignment service. See the full info on the Consignment Service here.

Whether you have one piece to sell, or a whole collection of items, I will list them. If you have transmitters, transceivers, receivers, antennas or any ham radio related gear and wish to sell it, Contact Me. Even if it's not directly ham radio, but rather common to ham radio interest, we will be happy to list it. Of course it does not have to be only ham radio equipment. Included in the welcome items are test equipment. That can include scopes, signal generators, and measurement equipment. Also, of interest to hams, computer related equipment including networking devices.

For more information on selling your radio gear.

Purchases made here are through PayPal. You do NOT need a PayPal account to purchase any of the ham radio related products you see here. You may use a credit card of your choice. Your purchases are secure. I do not have access to any of your credit card info or your PayPal account info. For purchases $99.00 or more paid through PayPal, you may use Bill Me Later billing.

Unless otherwise indicated, sales are to buyers within the United States only.

If you have electronic or ham radio related components or other items which are in multiples, sets or repetitive quantities to sell, contact me. I may be able to list your items for sale here.

If you produce products related to ham radio or of interest to ham radio operators, I will be happy to provide an outlet for sales here. I'll make a dedicated page just for your product. Contact Me for details.

Yes, I will list contents of estate sales. Often those charged with selling ham radio equipment from estate sales are not familiar with the hobby nor know anything about ham radio equipment. I will work with sellers wanting to list ham radio equipment. Contact Me for additional information.

For almost a decade, I have been selling collectible dolls, figurines and other collectibles on my Dooley's Treasure Chest web site. Now I am offering the same service to fellow hams. List your ham radio equipment for sale here. There is no fee for listing your items for sale here. You pay a commission only when the item sells. See our Consignment Service page for more information.

Have questions about ordering items listed for sale here? See Ordering From Us. For instructions on purchasing from us Buying From Us.

Yes, you may purchase by Lay Away. See Buyer Questions for details.

WB5TKA Ham Radio Equipment Consignment Service
If you have ham radio equipment for sale, let us list it for you here.

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Amateur Radio Gear For Sale
A new collection of amateur radio equipment will soon be listed for sale here. This collection is from an estate sale of a deceased ham radio operator. Among the items included is a complete and working Hallicrafters station consisting of a SX-101 receiver and HT-32A transmitter. This station was used on the air by the ham operator and so it is in good working condition.
Hallicrafters SX-101 and HT-32A

Also included as just a partial list right now, a Tentec Omni VI Plus HF transceiver, a Kenwood TS870 HF transceiver, and additional Tentec and Kenwood gear Vibroplex Bug, Ameritron tuner, Astron 35 amp power supply and more. MFJ and other items as well. See the items for sale in this collection.

Two very clean HF linear amplifiers. An Alpha 87A and an Ameritron AL-800H. From the photos supplied, these look very clean, like new. The ham was reported by his son (who is offering the equipment for sale) to have been very meticulous with the care of his equipment. All of the equipment was in active use and thus in good operating condition. They are both sold now.
Ameritron AL-800H amplifer Alpha 87A HF amplifer

Almost everything in this collection has been sold. There is a demand for good pre-owned ham radio equipment. If you have ham radio items to sell, contact me.

Yaesu FT-530 Dual Band HT

Click on images for larger views of the pictures
Yaesu FT-530 Dual Band HT for sale
Yaesu FT-530 Dual Band HT for sale Yaesu FT-530 Dual Band HT for sale Yaesu FT-530 Dual Band HT for sale Yaesu FT-530 Dual Band HT for sale Yaesu FT-530 Dual Band HT for sale

The Yaesu FT-530 2M/440 HT LCD display and translucent keypad have selectable back-lighting modes and provide dual frequency readouts and indicators for most programmable functions. Flexible, in-band dual receive lets you listen to two, 2 meter signals at the same time. Auto On-timer with 24 hour clock, 82 memories, VOX, backlit keypad, DTMF paging and extended receive (2M 130-174 MHz). The innovative Automatic Tone Search displays the incoming CTCSS frequency. Two VFOs are supplied for each band. Four transmit power levels are provided.

Pre-owned and good condition. A little pain wear on the back on the belt clip. This radio does not come with the optional hand microphone. Comes with the battery and charger.

Price: $115.00 S/H $20.00

Motorola Base/Repeater FM Two Way Radio Service Manuals

I have a few Motorola service manuals available. I used these back when I was working for Motorola many years ago. These manuals are for older equipment in the Public Service / Business Band radio service and are for base station or repeater FM two way radio. All in very good condition and are intact. Contain complete servicing info for these radios including full schematics, circuit board drawings and test/calibration details. Though these particular radios are out of production and have been for a very long time I suspect that there are still some perhaps in commercial service or at least Amateur Radio service. If you have or know anyone having any of these radios, and in need of an original factory service manual, here's your chance before they're gone for good. See the manuals

Motorola Base/Repeater FM Two Way Radio Service Manuals
Click on image to see them

Vintage Army, Navy and Air Force Technical Training Manuals

Original military electronics training manuals. Army training manuals ("TM") and also Navy training. These training manuals are the original ones used in military electronics training classes. They are old with old technology. Some dating back to 1951. So in addition to having good technical information, they have collector appeal and value as well. No, they are not state of the art when it comes to technology, but for electronics and old radio equipment fans, these have a great deal of nostalgic appeal. Are you an electronics student who is looking for material capable of really teaching electronic theory? So much electronic now days is more limited to "black box" and modular level troubleshooting. How may are teaching transistor theory down to hole flow? How may even know what that is? So though the technology is not going to cut it in this era of mobile technology, for anyone wanting real electronic theory instruction in easy to learn format with good illustrations as well as descriptive text, here you are. If you're looking to add to a library of vintage technical manuals, these will make great additions to your library collection. See the manuals

Vintage Army, Navy and Air Force Technical Training Manuals
Click on image to see them

Philips RF Wideband Transistors

This is a package of RF wideband transistor samples from Philips Engineering. I received this package several years ago and for a while I had the intent of using some of them in experimental circuitry. I never did do anything with them and they are still in the unopened packages.

There are 24 different transistor types included in the package. Of each of the 24 types, there are 5 each for a total of 120 individual transistors. These are miniature SMD devices and suitable for high performance RF applications such as VHF/UHF high gain, small signal RF. IF and RF Amplifiers, mixers, buffers and oscillators. Some up to 200 MHz. Some to 1 GHz, 2 GHz, 3 GHz, and some to 5 GHz.

A CD (included) contains data sheets, application notes, S-parameters and SPICE models. Documents are PDF. Look at the individual pictures (click on each one for a larger view) for more details. For ham experimenters active in or interested in VHF/UHF and microwave circuit design, this should be a welcome resource.

Philips RF Wideband Transistors Philips RF Wideband Transistors Philips RF Wideband Transistors
Philips RF Wideband Transistors Philips RF Wideband Transistors Philips RF Wideband Transistors Philips RF Wideband Transistors Philips RF Wideband Transistors Philips RF Wideband Transistors

Price: $65.00 S/H $4.50

Alco Miniature Pushbutton Micro PC Board Mount ON/OFF Momentary Contact Switchs
Right Angle Pushbutton SPST Switch

Never used Alco TPB11 miniature micro switches. They are SPST pushbutton momentary contact ON/OFF switches. Designed for PC board mounting, the electrical contact through the PCB pins are gold plated. The PCB mounting pins are silvered. A total of four pins will hold down the switch making for a secure and rigid positioning against the circuit board. These switches are ideal for "through panel" use. Their small size allows for close spacing and inclusion in very compact circuitry housings. Rating .4 VA. Made in U.S.A. Quanties are limited so order several while they're still available. You can enter the quantity desired after you click on the Add to Cart button. Price each $2.50. S/H a flat $3.50 for any quantity.

Overall length: 18 mm
Pin spacing (front/back-side/side): 5 mm
Total width: 8 mm
Thru-panel protrusion: 5 mm

Miniature pushbutton switches Miniature pushbutton switches
click on images for larger view

Price: $2.50 each.

Amateur Radio Gear For Sale
Click on images for larger views of the pictures
Ten-Tec Omni VI transceiver for sale
Ten-Tec Omni VI transceiver power supply / speaker for sale Ten-Tec Omni VI (564) Plus HF Transceiver and Matching Power Supply/Speaker
Ham band transeiver 160 - 10 meter SSB, AM, and CW. 100 watts power output. Comes with the manual.

Transceiver Dimensions (w×h×d) 375 × 146 × 432 mm (14.76 × 5.75 × 17.01 in)
Weight 7.25 kg (16 lbs)

P961 Power Supply weight: Approximately 16 lb.

This one looks perfectly clean on the front and the back panel looks good and original. The only issue I see is the power cord should be replaced as it looks to have been splice repaired by the owner. The transmitter is operable and was used by the owner along with the Hallicrafters SX-101 receiver (sold separately above) as a complete on the air station. The actual current power output of the transmitter listed for sale is not known. As the transmitter was actively used on the air, there is a high probability that the power output capability is per spec.

The Ten-Tec Omni VI transceiver will ship with the power supply packed in a seperate shipping box. Shipping weight for both: 40 pounds. NOTE: Proof of a current ham radio license is requried to buy this item.

Price: $995.00 Seller: dc

Buyer pays shipping. Please see Shipping Info for more details on shipping and handling. coolmail.gif Contact me for total price with shipping/handling. Once the total of the amount owed is provided, use the Pay Now button below to make your payment.

Although we would prefer to sell the transceiver and power supply togther, Contact me if you are interested in buying one of them individually.

On this web site which offers the consignment service for ham radio operators to list and sell ham radio equipment, almost all of the sellers are hams living right here in the United States. The service is not limited to U. S. hams only. Sellers in any country where PayPal is an accepted payment method can list their equipment for sale on my web site. Whether you wish to limit sales to within your own country or offer to sell to hams within other countries, the choice is yours. If you have ham radio equipment to sell, or anything related to ham radio or of interest to ham radio operators, even if you live outside the United States contact me about including your listings on the web site.

Click on image for larger view of the picture
MFJ 550 Microphone Equalizer for sale
MFJ 550 Microphone Equalizer
Variable Gain Microphone Amplifier with LOW, MID, and HIGH FREQ. ADJUSTABLE EQUALIZER. I don't have any other information or specs on this equalizer. It looks to be in good clean condition. Comes with the manual.

Sold for: $35.00

You do not have to have a PayPal account to purchase from us. PayPal allows you to use your preferred credit card just like you can at your favorite merchant and your purchase is safe and secure. We never see your credit card information. Click Here for Instructions on paying with the Pay Now button

Click on images for larger views of the pictures
Astron RS-35M Power Supply for sale
Astron RS-35M Power Supply for sale Astron RS-35M Power Supply
DC Supply 13.6vdc 20 amps with illuminated voltage and current Meters
* Output Voltage: 13.8 VDC (+/- 0.05 V) Internally Adjustable (11-15 V). Does not have a manual with it.
* Continuous Amperage Output 25 Amps
* ICS (Surge) Amperage Output 35 Amps
* Solid State Electronically Regulated
* Fold-Back Current Limiting- Protects Power Supply from Excessive Current & Continuous Shorted Output
* Ripple Less than 5 mV Peak to Peak Full Load and Low Line
* Maintain Regulation & Low Ripple at Low Line Input Voltage
* Three Conductor Power Cord
* One Year Warranty- Made in USA
* Dimensions : 5" (H) x 11" (W) x 11" (D) * Shipping Weight : 25 Lbs

The power supply works. The meter lights do not appear to be working.. The power on switch works and lights and the volt meter registers the proper output voltage. At the time of testing by the seller, no load was connected to the supply so the current meter does not show any current draw.

Price: $90.00 S/H $35.00. Seller: dc

Click on image for larger view of the picture
MFJ Microphone/TNC Switch MFJ-1272 BX for PK232 for sale
MFJ Microphone/TNC Switch MFJ-1272 BX for PK232
Switch between microphone and TNC (for PK232 TNC sold seperately here). You wont have to unplug the microphone and plug in your TNC every time you want to work packet or other data modes. Just plug this pre-wired cable switch box into your rigs microphone connector and into your TNC and youre ready-to-go -- no more hunting for hard-to-find connectors and wiring up complicated cables. Microphone shown in the picture will be included. If the mic is not needed at your station at least the connector can be used on your own mic choice. Does not have the manual.

Price: $105.00 S/H $20.00. Seller: dc

Click on image for larger view of the picture
AEA Packratt 232 PK232 for sale
AEA Packratt 232 PK232
Digital mode data controller. Morse code, Baudot RTTY, ASCII, AMTOR and Packet. Two radio ports are featured on the back panel and there is easy HF/VHF radio selection switching on the front panel. The PK-232 makes any RS-232 compatible computer a digital operating system. Only a simple terminal emulation program is required to interface to the PK-232 to your PC. This device features dual polarity FSK and CW keying and PTT outputs. Requires 12 VDC at 700 ma. Three AA cells are required for memory backup. 11 x 2.5 x 8.25 inches.. Kenwood transceiver in the picture sold seperately on a following page. Comes with manual.

Price: $105.00 S/H $20.00. Seller: dc
MFJ Microphone/TNC Switch MFJ-1272 BX for PK232 and AEA Packratt 232 PK232 can be purchased togther for a price savings..

Price: $175.00 S/H $30.00. Seller: dc Make an offer?

Yaesu FT-857D Amateur Radio Transceiver - HF, VHF, UHF All-Mode 100W

  • Receives 0.1-56Mhz, 76-108Mhz, 118-164Mhz and 420-470MHz - AM/USB/LSB/FM/CW
  • Transmits The Amateur Ham Radio Bands 160 thru 2 meters, plus 70cm UHF too!
  • Output is 100 Watts on 6-160M, 50W VHF & 20W UHF, FM-AM-SSB-CW (25W AM HF carrier)
  • Built-In Digital signal processing, 200 memories, spectrum display, ctcss (PL).
  • Includes microphone & power cable. Requires 12-13.8Vdc @ 22 Amps minimum for power.

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