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After you have made the decision to sell, where do you find a buyer or buyers for your ham radio related items? You can solicit for buyers by running ads in the local newspapers for example or a virtual ad page such as Craigslist. You can set your items in a local consignment shop. If you can find one which might accept something as specific as ham radio equipment - In both cases, you are limited to potential buyers primarily within your own geographic area. In the case of consignment shops or similar brick and mortar fixed locations, unless they offer an advertising program and include your collectibles, the only potential buyers will be those who happen to walk through the front door. Then there are hamfests. If you want to set up a table and sit all day hoping for a sale.

To realize the best chance of finding buyers and obtaining your desired price is to spread the exposure of your items as wide as possible. There are two good ways of doing this. Web site listing and on-line auctions such as eBay. By using either means, your potential market is the entire Web browsing world.

What if you don't have your own Web site to list your items on? Or, what if you do, but no one sees it? There are literally millions of Web sites on line. Not all will be seen by potential buyers. Unless your site has a high exposure and is easily found by searching buyers, those buyers will never see your radio equipment. Sure, you could create a site and take the necessary steps to make it easy to find by buyers, but unless you are selling radio or electronic equipment for a career, it's hardly worth the effort.

That leaves eBay, Craigslist, or one of the other auction sites. Those are great places to sell items. Great if two conditions exist. 1.) You are an experienced auction seller and know how to place your auctions for best bidding. 2.) Items you are trying to sell are actually selling on auction. While it's true that just about anything can be and is sold by this means, it's also true that many items listed go unsold. In other words, they never receive a bid. Of particular concern during depressed economic times, selling of certain items is harder, and prices are down from what they would otherwise be. Many things which in better economic times commanded high dollar winning bids now if they get bids at all, do so only if the asking prices are very low.

eBay is a great place to buy and sell things. I often sell things there and love it. The fact is, during these times of tight economies, consumer spending is down. Necessary consumer goods will be purchased and almost as readily as in good times. Things considered to be "frivolous" may still sell, but not nearly as well as they would in good economic times, and buyers are looking for "Bargains" now. That's the key word. People buy on the auction sites because they believe they will find products at bargain prices there. Right now, that is absolutely true. That's great if you are a buyer. Not so great if you are a seller. Especially if you have a quality, high end product to sell.

To sell on eBay - or any of the other auction sites - you must be a registered member. Great if you expect to be a frequent seller. Not so great if you expect to be a one-time seller. Also, to get the most from the experience, you must know what you are doing. For someone with one or only a few items to sell who does not plan on making a practice of it, it's hardly worth the hassle.

At Dooley's Treasure Chest, we make it much easier for you to sell your ham radio equipment without all of the hassle to you and we believe that we can earn you a higher selling price. We will do our best to earn you a price that is fair and justifiable for your items. Generally this will be a higher price than you might get by selling on your own or on the auction sites.

We are a highly visible presence on the Web in certain categories. Namely gifts and collectibles. We rank very high with Google in the category of Daddy's Long Legs for example. Especially retired editions. Currently we are ranking in the number one place for the search keywords "retired daddy's long legs." Those are words potential buyers will use if they are searching for retired dolls to buy. If they have a specific doll name in mind, we rank very high there as well. Often in the number one position. That means more potential buyers will see your doll offering if it is listed on our site. Even a keyword search of "consignment dolls" will show our high rating. I expect that high exposure to carry over to our ham radio equipment listings.

NOTE: We can not list any item that is priced to sell under $25.00 each. Sorry.

Per Item Commission Structure

Up to $499

$500 to $999

$1000 to $1999

$2000 and higher





What are the benefits of listing with us?

1. We rate high in the search engines. More potential buyers see your items.
  Your potential buying audience is worldwide and in the millions.
2. No Risk. You owe us nothing if your item does not sell. You may cancel the
  ad at any time for any reason.
3. Reduced hassle to you. We handle all listing details and make sure that the
  greatest number of potential buyers see your items. We also handle the actual
  selling transaction with the buyer. You simply ship the item(s) to the buyer.
4. Higher potential selling price. The bigger the buying audience, the better the
  chance that a buyer willing to pay your price will be found.
5. No Listing Fees. You only pay us our commission when your item sells. Nothing more.

See our FAQ sheet for answers to common questions.

Getting Started
Please see our Getting Started page for more information on how our service works and how to list with us.