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The equipment for sale on this page is from the estate of the late K3GNK. The equipment is listed here for sale at the request of his relatives. All items shown were in use and in operation and thus presumed to be in good working condition at the time of last use by the owner. The photos and written descriptions are the full extent of the information I have on the detailed condition of the items listed. I will be happy to receive and pass on specific questions regarding the items but please be aware that the family member handling the sale is not a licensed amateur and may not have the ability to answer all questions. The family member handling the sales reports that the owner was very meticulous about keeping his equipment in good working order. For any specific questions regarding any of the items lin this listing, Contact Me. I will do my best to find out the answers for you. As all of the items in this listing are pre-owned rather than new, the only guarantee we can offer is that they are in working condition when they leave the seller's location. They will be securely packed to insure against damage in shipment and insured against loss or damage during shipment and they will not arrive DOA at the buyer's location. Please contact us for all concerns in this area.

Don't hesitate to make an offer. If you see a piece of ham gear in this collection which you would like to have but feel the price may be a hindrance, ask about another price offer. I will check with the seller to see if it is agreeable and it just might be. Offers must be reasonable of course but it never hurts to check.

Amateur Radio equipment for sale Amateur Radio equipment for sale Amateur Radio equipment for sale
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You do NOT need a PayPal account to purchase any of the ham radio related products you see here. You may use a credit card of your choice. Your purchases are secure. We have no access to your credit card or purchase information so you may purchase with confidence. Amateur Radio equipment for sale Amateur Radio equipment for sale Amateur Radio equipment for sale Amateur Radio equipment for sale

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Hallicrafters SX-101 Ham Band Receiver Hallicrafters SX-101 Ham Band Receiver Hallicrafters SX-101 Ham Band Receiver Covers amateur bands 160-10 meters. 1950's technology it offers AM / CW / SSB operation. Double conversion with the first IF at 1650 kHz. Second IF at 50.75 kHz. LC filtering provides selectivity for CW, AM or SSB operation. Both upper and lower sideband operation. Contains 14 vacuum tubes in its circuits. Includes Hallicrafters SX-101 manual.

Size: 10.5"h x 20.0"w x 16.0"d. Approx. Weight: 75 lbs

The receiver is clean and in good operating condition. I cannot say to what extent it still meets the original manufacturing specs but the owner used it on the air matched with the Hallicrafters HT-32A transmitter (sold separately below) so it is presumed to be in good operating condition. The only cosmetic issues are as described here by the person in possession of the unit. "There is something behind the glass on the right side. Not sure what it is but it can be removed if taken apart. Looks like a piece of felt with dust on it but not sure. Some dust on the left side. Also the black paint on the ledge above the dial is worn and there is some roughness in the paint. There is a little bare metal shinning through." This relates to the edge of the panel bezel around the slide-rule dial on the edge of that below the dial and to the right of the tuning knob. It sounds like it could be cleaned up and if it is a roughness, carefully filed or sanded to restore the smoothness of the edge and then repainted. For a rig this old, that is a small matter, especially considering that it is in good enough condition to use as a vintage functional "boat anchor" rig on the air. I'll bet it sounds great on AM. It looks to have all of the original knobs and switches and all of the control labeling looks to be in good condition.

The back panel picture shows a little wear but everything appears to be intact and original. I don't see the original paper labels which would be on the lower chassis panel to the far right but it might be hard to expect them to still be present after all these years. Please note, this is the SX-101, not the SX-101A. The "A" was a later version and that one did not have 160 meters. The one offered here does have 160 meters. The SX-101 sold for $395.00 and was introduced in 1956.

Sold for: $225.00 Seller: dc

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Hallicrafters HT-32A Ham Band Transmitter Hallicrafters HT-32A Ham Band Transmitter Hallicrafters HT-32A Ham Band Transmitter Hallicrafters HT-32A Ham Band Transmitter Ham band transmitter 80-10 meter SSB, AM, and CW. 100 watts power output. Includes Hallicrafters HT-32A manual.

Modes: SSB/AM/CW
Bands: 80 - 10 Meters (full bandswitching)
Input Power: 144W PEP-SSB
Output Power: 70-100W-SSB, CW; 17-25W-AM
VFO: Yes
Power Supply: Internal
Final Tube(s): 2ea. 6146
SSB Method: Crystal Filter (4.95 MHz)
New Price/Year: $695/1959-1961
Size: 10.5"h x 20.0"w x 16.0"d
Approx. Weight: 85 lbs

This one looks perfectly clean on the front and the back panel looks good and original. The only issue I see is the power cord should be replaced as it looks to have been splice repaired by the owner. The transmitter is operable and was used by the owner along with the Hallicrafters SX-101 receiver (sold separately above) as a complete on the air station. The actual current power output of the transmitter listed for sale is not known. As the transmitter was actively used on the air, there is a high probability that the power output capability is per spec. NOTE: Proof of a current ham radio license is requried to buy this item.

Sold for: $250.00 Seller: dc

Hallicrafters TO Keyer HA-1 Hallicrafters TO Keyer HA-1 Vacuum tube keyer. Vintage keyer used with vintage radios (good for cathode keyed transmitters) and with a key such as a Vibroplex Vibrokeyer paddle or similar, it can be a lot of fun. It really will not do well with modern iambic keys. These early keyers did not have dot and dash memory but for the basics of keying vintage rigs, that does not matter. This would go well both operationally and aesthetically with the Hallicrafters transmitter and receiver also offered for sale on this page. Electronic morse code keyer, forms perfect code characters and mark space ratios at any speed from 10 to 65 words per minute, include built in tone generator and speaker. Price when it was introduced (1960) $80.00. Comes with manual.

Size: 7 x 5.6 x 7.8 inch / 178 x 142 x 198 mm Weight: 9.912 lb

Sold for: $50.00

Astatic Microphone Model 10D Microphone Astatic Microphone Model 10D Microphone Astatic Microphone Model 10D Microphone Astatic Microphone Model 10D Microphone Vintage style communications microphone still popular today with hams who use either vintage tube type transmitters or even for more current gear but who enjoy the look, feel and sound of nostalgic era microphones. Astatic G Stand, chromed with squeeze switch grip. Can be wired for PTT (Push To Talk) or VOX operation. This is the same base stand used on the popular D104 microphone.

This microphone is wired for and was used on the Hallicrafters transmitter which is also listed for sale on this page. It would be a great add on accessory to the Hallicrafters station listed on this page. Everything I read on line about the sound of the 10D series Astatic microphones is high praise and that's impressive. For a vintage transmitter which typically has a high impedance microphone (tube type) input a microphone of this sort will give great audio sound quality. Of course with the proper wiring and interfacing they can be used on modern solid state rigs as well.

Chrome looks good and is clean. The first couple of pictures show reflections in the grip but it is only reflections and not defects in the surface of the chrome. The last two pictures do a better job of showing the good condition of the chrome. The stand does have some paint wear as seen in the third photo.

Sold for: $50.00

Alpha Model 87A HF Linear Amplifier Alpha Model 87A HF Linear Amplifier Legal limit HF self contained linear amplifier. Power output 1500 watts PEP keyed CW or continuoous carrier. Drive power, 50 - 55 watts typical for full power output. Automatic (microprocessor controlled) band switching and automatic tuning. Comes with manual.

Band Change & Tuning: Automatic under microprocessor control; average time required for complete band change and tune-up, <1 second. No special cables or connections required.
Frequency Coverage: All amateur bands 1.8-29.7 MHz* plus most non-amateur frequencies 6.0-19.0 MHz and 20-30 MHz.
Power Output: 1500 watts PEP, keyed CW, or continuous carrier, no time limit. Auxiliary cooling fan (optional) recommended for very high duty cycle continuous operation i.e. contesting & RTTY.
Drive Power: Typically 50 to 55 watts for full rated output.
Input VSWR: < 1.5:1 within amateur bands; < 2:1 elsewhere.
Tube Complement: Two Eimac 3CX800A7 triodes in grounded grid.
T/R System: Heavy-duty PIN diode switch capable of feed through and hot switching of 150W exciter power. Switching time approximately 1ms. Enclosed mechanical bypass relay.
ALC: Grid-current-derived, -10V maximum, adjustable gain.
Harmonic Output: Better than 50 dB below rated output.
Intermodulation: Better than 35 dB below rated output.
Fault Protection: Plate current, grid current, load VSWR, T/R sequencing, gain (i.e., severe mistune or RF arc), overdrive, open heater, over temperature, others.
Displays: LED bar graphs for peak Pout, Prefl & Ig, and switched bar graph for Ip, HV, and Tune indicator.
Cooling: Full cabinet ducted air, rear intake/top exhaust. Floating blower mount for quietest operation.
Primary Power: 190-250V (200, 220, 240V nominal taps), 50-60 Hz, single phase; fused 20A.
Size & Weight: 17.3” W x 7”H x 16.5” D (439 x 178 x 419 mm) excluding controls, feet, and connectors. 75 lb. (34kg) net.

The Alpha 87A ships in two heavy-duty carboard cartons. One contains the transformer and weighs 43 pounds; the second contains the amplifier and weighs 42 pounds. The amplifier cannot safely be shipped with the transformer installed within the amplifier. After the sale, the transformer will be removed from the amplifer by the seller and packed for shipping in a seprate box from the amplifer itself. The buyer will need to reinstall the transformer. Instructions on how to do this are contained in the User's Manual. A copy of the User's Manual is available here for downloading. NOTE: The weights listed in this section are shipping weight. Click Here to download "The Alpha 87A User's Manual" NOTE: Proof of a current ham radio license is requried to buy this item.

Sold for: $2,700.00 Seller: dc

Ameritron AL-800H HF Linear Amplifier Ameritron AL-800H HF Linear Amplifier Ameritron AL-800H HF Linear Amplifier The AL-800H uses a pair of 3CX800A7 tubes to easily provide 1500 Watts PEP/CW with a typical drive level of just 55 Watts. The AL-800H draws 14 Amps peak current at 240 VAC (1500 Watts CW output) and weighs just 52 lbs. Dimensions: 14.25" x 8.5" x 14.5" The seller informed me that one of the meter lights is not working but he did not say which one. I understand them to be easy enough to replace and it may simply be a loose bulb. The seller is not a technical person and is not able to open the unit to examine that item further. Comes with manual.

Output Power: 1500 Watts PEP, double 3CX800A7
All band operation: 160-15 meters including WARC bands.
User modifiable for 12 and 10 meters.
Genuine Eimac tubes: Two Eimac 3CX800A7.
Tuned input circuit: Adjustable slug tuned input circuit.
Output network: Pi/Pi-L gives you smooth tuning and wide matching range.
Tube protection: Grid current limiting circuit protects your tubes.
ALC control: Front panel adjustable, true ALC control.
Vernier Reduction drives: Tuning and loading reduction drives make adjustments smooth and easy.
Heavy Duty power supply: Uses 32 lb. grain orientate silicon steel core transformer and high capacitance computer grade filter capacitors.
Multi-voltage operation: 14 user selectable AC line voltage from 90 - 140 VAC; 200-250 VAC.
Air cooled: Quiet pressurized ventilation keeps tubes safely cooled.
Dual illuminated cross-needle meters: Two cross-needle meters that read peak forward power, reflected power, SWR, high voltage, grid current and plate current.
Step-Start Inrush Protection: Stops damage to your amplifier from inrush current.
Compact Desktop Size

The Ameritron AL-800H will ship with the tubes removed and packed in a seperate shipping box. The buyer will need to reinstall them upon receipt. Shipping weight: 60 pounds. NOTE: Proof of a current ham radio license is requried to buy this item.

Sold for: $1,550.00 Seller: dc

Ameritron ATR-30 Antenna Tuner Ameritron ATR-30 Antenna Tuner Antenna tuner. Looks like new. Frequency range: 1.8 - 30 MHz. Comes with manual. Sells new for $599.00 so this is a great way to obtain a top level tuner for close to half the price of a new one.

  • Handles 1500 watts carrier. Maximum power rating: 3000 watts SSB.
  • Super high Current edge wound silver plated Roller Inductor
  • 500 pf tuning capacitors with 6:1 vernier reduction drives
  • 3 core choke balun
  • 6 position antenna switch
  • True peak reading meter

Tuner Width: 13.000 in. Height: 5.750 in. Depth: 14.250 in. Weight: 17 lbs.

Sold for: $225.00

Astron RS-35M Power Supply Astron RS-35M Power Supply Astron RS-35M Power Supply DC Supply 13.6vdc 20 amps with illuminated voltage and current Meters
* Output Voltage: 13.8 VDC (+/- 0.05 V) Internally Adjustable (11-15 V). Does not have a manual with it.
* Continuous Amperage Output 25 Amps
* ICS (Surge) Amperage Output 35 Amps
* Solid State Electronically Regulated
* Fold-Back Current Limiting- Protects Power Supply from Excessive Current & Continuous Shorted Output
* Ripple Less than 5 mV Peak to Peak Full Load and Low Line
* Maintain Regulation & Low Ripple at Low Line Input Voltage
* Three Conductor Power Cord
* One Year Warranty- Made in USA
* Dimensions : 5" (H) x 11" (W) x 11" (D) * Shipping Weight : 25 Lbs

At my own station I have an Astron power supply powering my HF rig. Mine is a different model from this one but other than a few minor differences between mine and this one being offered it's the same Astron performance and reliability. There is one thing I have discovered from owning Astron power supplies, though they may last for years without a failure, in the event that you do have a failure, the components inside are all "off the shelf" readily available. They use common components, bridge rectifier, transistors, etc., which you can actually get yourself and they're easy to repair. No odball propriatory and impossible to find components used.

The power supply works. The meter lights do not appear to be working.. The power on switch works and lights and the volt meter registers the proper output voltage. At the time of testing by the seller, no load was connected to the supply so the current meter does not show any current draw.

Price: $90.00 S/H $35.00. Seller: dc

MFJ-249 HF/VHF SWR Analyzer MFJ-249 HF/VHF SWR Analyzer Covers 1.8 to 170 MHz. Measures SWR, antenna resonant frequency, impedance and other parameters needed for tuning any HF antenna. Can be powered by an external power adapter. Comes with the manual.

By far the best tool for analyzing and tunning antenna systems. I have the MFJ-259B version of this analyzer. The newer versions add a second meter to display impedance and a few other features. Nice to have but their lack does not diminish the usefulness of this model to help you get that antenna tuned. For that, it does its job.

A common way to measure the SWR or bandwidth and resonant frequency of an antenna is to transmit a signal into the antenna. The resulting SWR can be measured. To determine the resonant frequency and resonance bandwidth of the antenna sample transmissions must be made at various points from one end of the band to the other and the resulting SWR response used to determine the desired performance. There are two problems with this method. For one thing, it creates undesirable on the air interferene and may actually result in illegal operation. Secondly, if an antenna is severely out of resonance (a new antenna or one modified, for example) and it will be impossible to determine where the antenna resonant point actually is. It may be considerably above or below the desired band. The MFJ analyser takes care of both problems avoiding on the air interference and also detecting the resonance of the antenna even if that is outside of the desired amateur band. It can also act as a frequency counter.

Sold for: $75.00

MFJ MFJ-484B Grandmaster Memory Keyer MFJ MFJ-484B Grandmaster Memory Keyer This memory keyer has four memories. I have never used a memory keyer so I can't offer any comments on them. For a contest operator, or DX operator, I can see how they can be handy as they store repetitive strings of CW which elminates the need to keep keying the same thing over and over. This model is no longer in production by MFJ. Comes with manual.

Sold for: $50.00

MFJ Microphone/TNC Switch MFJ-1272 BX for PK232 MFJ Microphone/TNC Switch MFJ-1272 BX for PK232 Switch between microphone and TNC (for PK232 TNC sold seperately here). You wont have to unplug the microphone and plug in your TNC every time you want to work packet or other data modes. Just plug this pre-wired cable switch box into your rigs microphone connector and into your TNC and youre ready-to-go -- no more hunting for hard-to-find connectors and wiring up complicated cables. Microphone shown in the picture will be included. If the mic is not needed at your station at least the connector can be used on your own mic choice. Does not have the manual.

Price: $105.00 S/H $20.00. Seller: dc

AEA Packratt 232 PK232 AEA Packratt 232 PK232 Digital mode data controller. Morse code, Baudot RTTY, ASCII, AMTOR and Packet. Two radio ports are featured on the back panel and there is easy HF/VHF radio selection switching on the front panel. The PK-232 makes any RS-232 compatible computer a digital operating system. Only a simple terminal emulation program is required to interface to the PK-232 to your PC. This device features dual polarity FSK and CW keying and PTT outputs. Requires 12 VDC at 700 ma. Three AA cells are required for memory backup. 11 x 2.5 x 8.25 inches.. Kenwood transceiver in the picture sold seperately on a following page. Comes with manual.

Price: $105.00 S/H $20.00. Seller: dc

MFJ Microphone/TNC Switch MFJ-1272 BX for PK232 and AEA Packratt 232 PK232 can be purchased togther for a price savings..

Price: $175.00 S/H $30.00. Seller: dc Make an offer?

Vibroplex Champion Semi-Automatic CW Key (Bug) Vintage Vibroplex "Bug" CW key. This is from The Champion series which was manufactured between 1939-79. The key is in good operating condition and is not missing any of its hardware or components. Normal wear for a key of this age. I have requested the serial number from the seller and when I receive that I will add it here. From the look of the hardware (particularly the domed knurled nuts on the terminal posts and compared to those reported to be within the vintage, I think this dates from the 1940's A little cleaning and adjusting will make this a great working bug. Ideal for using with vintage "boat anchor" rigs, it can be used on modern radios as well. The sound of the keying characteristics of a bug are unique and are unmistakable when heard on the air. Use this one on the air or simply make it a valued addition to your key collection.

Serial number of the key is 209405. That puts the year of manfacturer of this key at 1959.

Sold for: $110.00
Bencher BY-1 Iambic Paddle Key This Bencher BY-1 is exactly like the one on my radio desk. I've used mine for many years and love it. The one offered here is in excellent condition. Chrome is shiny and clean. The black crinkle finish base looks like new. The clear plastic paddles do as well. It's interesting that these keys are often listed on the auction site as "vintage", obviously by sellers who do not know that the BY-1 is in current production. New ones are priced at over $100.00. You can have this one for about half that and it is in excellent condition. Comes with the manual.

Sold for: $55.00

Vibroplex Vibrokeyer Standard Key Non-iambic single-lever keyer. The single lever paddle initiates the automatic dots and dashes with the same motion used to operate the "Bug." The code speed with the Vibrokeyer depends upon the particular electronic keyer with which it is operated. And, you get the same crisp operation at 5 words per minute as you do at 50+ wpm. This key is in good condition and has been in regular use by the owner. The only thing of note is that the original main screw in the yoke (that massive main part of the frame which straddles the lever) apparently was lost and it has been replaced with a standard hardware store variety screw. If this were mine I'd try to come up with a screw which is more appropriate in appearance to match the key. It's obvious that the replacement screw serves its purpose though. Actually, that screw and the appropriate hardware with it are available from Vibroplex. The chrome looks good as does the base crinkle finish paint and the handles.

Sold for: $50.00

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