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In the Autumn of 1997 Sandy and I went to New England on holiday. Our trip took us through New Hampshire and Vermont on our way from Maine to Niagara Falls.

We had not seen much Fall color to this point in our trip. It seemed that when we hit the New Hampshire state line we hit the peak of color. As we did not have much time to explore these two states we decided that we would plan to return at another time and spend the whole trip in just the two states of Vermont and New Hampshire.

The following year, 1998, we returned to the area and spent the whole week within just those two states. As they are small, we were able to cover them pretty much completely on our daily runs.

Because covered bridges are common in that part of the country (and not at all in Texas) we spent a lot of our time driving around looking for and photographing as many covered bridges as we could find.

The camera equipment used on this trip was the Canon EOS 630 35mm film SLR. Lenses consisted of a Sigma 28-70mm f/3.5-5.6, Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 DG Macro telephoto.
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A grand church in one of the towns we passed through on our drives throughout the state.

Killington Ski Area, Vermont. Obviously not ski season nor any snow on the ground but during the "off" season the lifts operate to allow visitors

to reach the top of the slopes. For hikers such as ourselves, that afforded a great opportunity to hike the trails across the tops of the mountains. This and the following several pictures shows the great views to be had from the lifts as well as from the trails on the mountain tops.



  We rode the cable lifts to the peaks. These will carry skiers to the tops of the slopes during ski season.    


  Fall colors along the many roadways prompted numerous stops to photograph the scenery. Wilson Castle, Rutland, VT. Wilson Castle is a nineteenth century estate located at Proctor (now West Rutland)
in Vermont. The house was built in 1867 in a mix of nineteenth century architectural styles including Dutch neo-renaissance,
Of historic interest, now Wilson Castle is open to guided tours.     We set out to find and photograph as many covered bridges as we could throughout Vermont and New Hampshire.
Unfortunately I do not know the names or the actual locations of these bridges. I regret not having had a good way to document the info on these brideges.      

Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream factory. Waterbury, VT.


Sampling area for the ice cream flavors.

One of the many scenic views of the mountain streams running through the countryside.

A couple of cheesy characters at the Cabot Cheese Factory.

Cabot Cheese Factory. Cabot, VT. We toured the factory and sampled some of the great cheeses produced there.

Many of the covered bridges are still in use on the small side roads throughout the state. Most all covered bridges cross small streams or rivers and are located on small, narrow roads which in earlier times were traveled only by horse and wagon traffic. The weight limits on the bridges is lower than current bridges.
Moat of the bridges are only wide enough to support a single lane of traffic so if two vehicles are approaching from opposite directions, one will have to wait until the other has crossed the bridge.    

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