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Are you interested in learning how to take better pictures with your digital camera? Camera and photography advice for beginners. Tips on how to get the most from your camera and what to look for in your first digital camera. What defines "photography" and what is the difference between "photography" as an art and simply "picture taking".

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Whether you are using a modern Single Lens Reflex (SLR) digital camera or a simple, compact point and shoot camera, if you are interested in learning the basics of digital photography - or you are looking to improve your knowledge and skills, these pages provide a rich resource of information and are based on a common sense approach to your questions.

An Introduction to Photography from a common sense perspective. What is the difference between Photography and Picture Taking? Here are some typical questions any photography instructor or even pro or advanced amateur is likely to encounter from someone with a newly formed interest in the art of photography. On this site I have endeavored to answer some of the common questions. I have attempted to address the questions in a meaningful way, hoping to avoid the condescension which often accompanies attempts at answering beginner questions.

"What kind of camera should I buy?" Don't know anything about cameras and cannot decide what is best for you? It's a daunting question for the novice or the newcomer to photography. Some cameras are simple, requiring you to simply point at the subject and press the button. Others look like they require an engineering degree to learn. They really don't, they just look that way. Which is the right one for you?

Calling For Papers: That technical term usually draws the interest of professional engineers and technical writers looking to have their papers published for career advantage purposes. I can't offer that advantage, but for those photographers, both whether pro or simply experienced advanced amateurs who have expertise in any field related to cameras or photography. "How to" articles, essays, tips, camera equipment reviews and advanced technical papers. This is as a service to the photography community at large. There is no charge. Simply submit the text of the article to me along with (if applicable) pictures, illustrations, charts, etc., and I will create a page for it. You will be fully credited as the author. Contact Me.

If you have questions regarding the material presented on any of these photography pages send them to me. If you have a digital camera or photography related question, send it to me. This resource will continue to grow and expand. Your feedback is appreciated. Tell me what you like about it and also what is missing or could be done better.

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Travel Adventures - Photographing the world we visit, one place at a time
My wife and I love to travel. Between ocean cruising, trail hiking in the National Parks and sightseeing destinations, we've covered just a little bit of land, so to speak, with our travels. Naturally photography and travel goes hand in hand. We have created photo albums of the trips we have been on and they are presented here for your enjoyment. If you find the pictures enjoyable or have questions or comments, feel free to contact us and let us know. More albums are being added so do come back and visit us often. Contact us with comments or questions.
Holland America Cruise Line Alaska Inside Passage
Alaska 2006

Alaska Inside Passage Cruise. From Vancouver, BC. Holland America Cruise Line's ms Zuiderdam. Photos of the cruise adventure, both aboard ship and on the shore excursions. There is a large collection of pictures in this gallery so take your time and enjoy them. I'll bet it will give you the urge to try out an Alaska Inside Passage cruise. Whale watching, eagle watching and up close views of glaciers. Port calls in the Alaska capital city of Juneau, to Skagway and a round trip narrow gauge rail excursion into the interior, and a visit to Ketchikan.

Norwegian Cruise Line Hawaii Islands Cruise
Hawaii 2010

Hawaii Inter-Island Cruise We flew to Honolulu where we stayed in Waikiki for two nights. Prior to boarding Norwegian Cruise Lines Pride of America for a seven day cruise around the island we toured Pearl Harbor and the Battleship Missouri Monument. Every day of the cruise found us in port on one of the islands. The cruise tour of the Hawaiian Islands included the islands of Oahu (Honolulu), Maui, the Big Island of Hawaii, and Kauai. Follow our adventure in snorkeling, luau and island sightseeing photographs.

Princess Cruise Lines
Caribbean 2012

Eastern Caribbean Cruise Departing from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on Princess Cruise Lines Grand Princess, we sailed to several of the popular and beautiful Caribbean islands in the Eastern Caribbean. First stop in San Juan, Puerto Rico where we toured the Old City. Next to St. Maartin for some kayaking. Then to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands for some kayaking and also snorkling. Our last port before returning to Ft. Lauderdale was to Princess Cays in the Bahamas where we spent a day at the beach and some off shore snorkling.

Western Caribbean Cruise 2014
Caribbean 2014

Western Caribbean Cruise We sailed from the Port of New Orleans into the Western part of the Caribbean to Cozumel, Mexico, Belize, Roatan, Hondrus and to Costa Maya, Mexico before returning to New Orleans. This trip also included our son, daughter in-law and grand kids.

We swam and snorkeled with dolphins and stingrays in Cozumel and Roatan. We did a cave tubing ride on a river in Belize and spent a day snorkeling and lounging on the beach in Costa Maya, Mexico.

Mediterranean Cruise 2013 Started in Venice, Italy where we spent about a day and a half prior to the beginning of the 12 day cruise and ended in Barcelona where we spent an extra two days seeing the sights there. Among the cities and locations visited on the cruise were Athens, Rome, Naples, Florence (Pisa), Istanbul, and a few others.

Venice Italy
Venice Italy

Greece Athens and Mykonos
Greece Athens and Mykonos

Turkey Ephesus and Istanbul
Turkey Ephesus and Istanbul

Sorrento and Ruins of Pompeii
Sorrento and Ruins of Pompeii

Rome and The Vatican
Rome and The Vatican

Lucca and Pisa Italy
Lucca and Pisa Italy

Aix En Provence and Marseille France
Aix En Provence and Marseille

Barcelona Spain
Barcelona Spain

There's no better way to see the sights and learn the history of Barcelona than by joining a bike tour!

  • Four-hour cycling tour of Barcelona's attractions
  • Bicycle and insurance included
  • Choice of morning and afternoon tour times
  • Rain poncho (if needed) and child-seats and helmets (on request)
  • Illuminating commentary from your expert English-speaking guide
Disney World 2012 Disney World 2012

A road trip to Orlando, Florida and a week spent within the Disney and Universal Studio Parks with our son, daughter in-law and the four grandkids. If you have not yet tasted a cold, frozen Butterbeer in Harry Potter's work of Universal Studios Park, you're missing a must have.

New England and Niagara Falls 1997
New England / Niagara Falls 1997

Our first vacation trip to New England occurred in October 1997. From Boston where we spent a couple of days sightseeing the historic parts of the city, on up the Atlantic coast to Maine and across New Hampshire and Vermont on to Niagara Falls. We spent two nights there before returning to Boston at the end of our trip.

Vermont and New Hampshire 1998 Vermont / New Hampshire 1998

In the Autumn of 1998 we spent a week in Vermont during which we traveled throughout that state as well as New Hampshire. There we photographed many of the historic covered bridges as well as other sights of the season. These are all originally 35mm film prints which have now been scanned and digitized for on line display.

Utah National Parks 2009
Utah National Parks 2009

In the summer of 2009, we drove to Utah to visit the city of Moab and some of the National Parks in that part of the state. We also visited the North Rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Accompanying us on the trip were our good friends Dean and Charlotte Campbell. Some of the photos in this collection were shot by Dean Campbell.

Rocky Mountain Narional Park 2011
Colorado 2011

Rocky Mountain National Park An up close encounter with moose and elk made this trip a nature/wildlife photographer's dream vacation trip. Hiking at the higher altitudes of the trails in Rocky Mountain National Park is exhilarating if not a little physically taxing. A good night's rest and we were ready to go again the next day.

Only on our last day in the park before returning home the next day did we experience our incredible encounter with a moose family.

Yellowstone Park 2002
Yellowstone Park 2002

Yellowstone National Park is known for its geysers and other geothermal features as well as simply breath taking scenery. The park also is the home of large herds of bison and other wildlife.

On the trip we made there in 2002, we also visited Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse Monument and Devil's Tower. These monuments are located in south western South Dakota and eastern Wyoming.

Yellowstone National Park 2015
Yellowstone Park 2015

Our first time to visit Yellowstone National Park was in 2002 and then too, we shot a lot of photos. Then the shots were all on film. This time the photos are all digital.

Canada Maritimes 2014
Canada Maritimes 2014

Canada Maritime Provinces Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. We visited the two provinces of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. To reach PEI from Nova Scotia we drove through the southern edge of New Brunswick but we did not actual hit any of the sightseeing areas of that province as we only had ten days to cover a lot of ground and this trip wanted to focus on the two.

Lots of lighthouses and coastal scenes are featured in this album.

Costa Rica and Mexico 2015
Cost Rica & Mexico 2015

This album is part of the Panama Canal passage cruise of 2015. After exiting the canal in Panama we visited Puntarenas Costa Rica where we enjoyed a zip line venture followed by a crocodile watching river ride.

Leaving Costa Rica our next stop was Santa Cruz Huatulco, Mexico. There we had a river rafting ride on the Copalita River.

Grand Teton National Park
Grand Teton Park 2015

Returning from a week in Glacier National Park, we stopped by Grand Teton National Park. We spent one afternoon and evening there as well as a half day the next day before beginning our return trip home.

Columbia and Panama 2015
Colombia & Panama 2015

This album is part of the Panama Canal passage cruise of 2015. Prior to entering the canal, we made two port stops. The first one was Cartagena, Colombia. There we had a tour of the historic old city.

The second stop was at Colon, Panama. There we traveled by tour bus across the country of Panama to the city of Panama City on the Pacific side where we had a city tour of the historic sections of Panama City.

Cabo and Ensenada Mexico 2015
Cabo & Ensenada 2015

Our last two port stops on the Panama Canal Passage cruise were at Cabo San Lucas and Esenada, Mexico. Both on the Baja California peninsula.

In Cabo San Lucas we did a kayaking and snorkeling excursion. In Ensenada we toured the La Bufadora blowhole. After these two stops, or next stop was at San Diego, CA and the end of our trip.

Glacier National Park
Glacier National Park 2015

In between our visit to Yellowstone and Grand Teton, we spent six days in Glacier National Park. This album holds photos we shot while visiting this national park.

Panama Canal Passage Cruise 2015
Panama Canal 2015

This album covers the passage of our cruise ship, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line 'Legend of The Seas'. The passage began on the Atlantic side of Panama at Colon and in all spanned eight to ten hours before we passed Panama City on the Pacific side of the country. There we entered the Pacific Ocean.

The passage was part of a cruise which spanned fifteen days and besides the canal passed we visited several other destinations. Those are documented in separate albums.

Asia Cruise 2016

Bangkok Thailand and Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
Asia Cruise 2016 Part 1

The first two stops on our 2016 Asia cruise took us to Bangkok, Thailand and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Pictures from those two destinations as well as our departure from the port of Singapore are included in this album.

Hong Long visit on Asia cruise, 2016
Asia Cruise 2016 2

The third port stop on our Asia cruise was Hong Kong. We spent two days docked in Hong Kong and made shore visits both days. The photos from the visit to Hong Kong.

Asia Cruise 2016 3

The next two stops on our Asia cruise were first, Shanghai China and then Nagasaki Japan. Photos from both stops are in this album.

Asia Cruise 2016-4

The last two stops on our seventeen day Asia cruise were to Busan, South Korea and then ending at Beijing, China. After a tour of the Great Wall of China, we ended out cruise and returned home.

Original Photograph Prints for Sale

Yes, a number of the photographs are available as professionally printed and mounted prints. These prints were not made on my home computer printer. They're printed by a professional lab service which specializes in archival quality prints using professional printing equipment and materials. Suitable for framing and display, they can offer great decor choices for home or office.

High Quality High Resolution original photography prints great for framing and to enhance the beauty of your home or office walls. Subjects are landscape and scenery; wildlife; flowers and growing things. These pictures will enhance the beauty of any home or office decor. High Quality High Resolution original photography prints mounted and ready for framing. Each print, regardless of size has a 1/8 inch white border around the edge to allow fitting in a normal photo frame without losing important parts of the image which would otherwise be covered by the frame inner edge.

Photography Prints
All of the pictures in the slide show are available as professionally printed posters or prints suitable for mounting or framing.
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Travel, especially the fun sort of travel, including vacation travel to new and exotic destinations, ocean cruises, and white sandy beaches, whatever our travel preferences, it all goes hand in hand with photography. Finding it hard to separate the two as to interest, now we share our travel experiences as well as hints, tips, and articles related to the travel side of photography. And, even those aspects of travel which do not directly involve photography. Photography and Travel.

Here's a fun idea. Water sports? Biking? Hiking? Some may really go way beyond what we are going to do and risk the so-called "extreme sports." Snowboarding and extreme skiing, skydiving and well, you pick for yourself. Just for fun, catch it all on video. Be my guest. We'll stick to things a little more tame. There is a great lineup of attractively priced action sports camcorders available. Some are waterproof as well. Oh yes, for swimming with sharks if that is your thing.

GoPro HERO4 Silver

Following a recent snorkeling venture at Cabo San Lucas, Mexico recently after which we saw some amazing video footage shot on a GoPro, we decided it was time to make the plunge - that's ok, it's a pun - and we bought a GoPro HERO4 Silver. We wanted the added feature of the touchscreen back display. Maybe you will not find that a useful feature but try that vs. just the front panel button method of selecting options through the menu system. I think you will find the touch display more than useful.

The GoPro HERO4 Silver comes with three easily replaceable back panels for the housing. The one originally installed on the case is fully waterproof and allows the case with camera to be submerged down to 131 feet (40 m.) Another one has a thinner surface in the part of the panel which covers the touch screen. This allows for touch screen operation while maintaining waterproof capability of the case but to a more limited depth. This would be ideal for swimming pool use, kayaking or other water activities where the protection of the camera is important but the depth to which the camera will be used is more limited. The third case back has the area over the touch screen open. This one is not waterproof so it must not be used if the camera is going to be used in or around water. This back is ideal for all dry land activities as it allows full operation of the touch screen but also being open allows better sound pickup for the built-in microphone.

Now I wish we had bought the GoPro prior to that snorkeling venture. Well anyhow, we did have our other waterproof camera with us and I did catch some shots of the fish we spotted.

So you already have a GoPro. Any GoPro. What do you do about keeping the camera and all acessories organized and in one convenient place and ready for travel?

CamKix Medium Case for GoPro Hero 4, 3+, 3, 2, 1 and Accessories - Ideal for Travel or Home Storage - Complete Protection for Your GoPro Camera - Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Included (Medium,Black)

We have added a collection of photo prints of the age of steam trains. Steam locomotives. Prints which will look great framed and displayed in home or office. Available in an assortment of sizes and print material.

Sell Art Online

Sell Art Online

Photography Prints

Art Prints

There are a lot more photo prints. More trains but also more others. Just have a look. Click on any of the pictures to see more.

You know what it's like to come home from a vacation trip and go through all of your photos - digital or film, it does not matter - and try to figure out what belongs to what? Even in the modern digital photo world where you can identify a photo shot on any particular day with where you were and what it was the photo is of. Now that seems like a strange statement. Maybe. This photo? Of the Mt. Rushmore Monument of course. Are all subjects in your photos so easy to identify just by looking at the picture?

For the last few years we carried a small spiral ring notebook to make notes in which would later be used to identify scenes, subjects and places and even impressions of places we visited and things we saw. The idea of the notebook was good and it was a simple system. The problem is that it was awkward to use. Walking with a tour group or hiking on a mountain trail now try to manage digging a notebook out of your backpack, find where that pen went to and flip to a blank page and try to write a note while trying to keep from walking into a tree or falling behind your tour group.

For some time we had talked about looking into the little digital voice recorders. Something to simply with one hand hold the tiny recorder which can be hanging from a lanyard around your neck, and make a quick vocal note without taking your eye off of the things around you. The notes can then be played back later while going trough your vacation photos or for that matter just trying to recall impressions or descriptions of events or places.

Here is the recorder we settled on. Small, easy to tether on a lanyard to keep it handy and avoid falling out of my shirt pocket and in use, one handed operation to make a quick note of particular information which can be the description or other info an a location, the description and image file number of a photo shot or anything else I need to record for later reference. USB connection will allow for the audio files to be moved to a computer. A huge internal memory and the ability to insert a microSD card if needed. A good readable display and good recording and playback sound quality.

Olympus Voice Recorder

Olympus VN-722PC Voice Recorders, 4 GB Built-In-Memory

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