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Collectible Dolls

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The Appeal of Collectible Dolls Collectible dolls are not just for those who wish to make large displays of every doll a particular doll maker ever made. Most owners of collectible dolls own just a few dolls, or even just one of those dolls. The idea of owning collectible dolls is not to say you have a collection, or to "add to the collection" but rather to enjoy the individual doll for its own merit and beauty. More on this subject on our Dolls Page

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Dooley's Treasure Chest
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Where do these great collectible dolls, figurines and other collectibles listed here come from? Real people just like yourself. People have either become collectors themselves, or who have inherited, or otherwise obtained individual or collections of collectible dolls, figurines, or other personal treasures. We sell collections as well as creations and individual items on consignment. If you are a collector, a craftsperson, or simply have things to sell, see our Consignment Sales Service page for full details. Yes, you may purchase by Lay Away. See Buyer Questions for details. A huge selection of rare and beautiful Collectible Dolls for sale. Most of these dolls are limited edition. Many of these dolls, you will find no where else. Daddy's Long Legs, Maryse Nicole, Ashton Drake, Madame Alexander, Barbie, Effanbee, Susan Wakeen, Anastasia's Porcelain Dolls by Mazie Pennel and more. We also have a large collection of Barbie Dolls.

Daddy's Long Legs DollsDaddy's Long Legs DollsDaddy's Long Legs DollsDaddy's Long Legs Dolls

Daddy's Long Legs Dolls
Biggest selection of Daddy's Long Legs dolls anywhere.

Hummel Figurines
Hummel Figurines

We have Collectible Figurines and Collector Plates for Sale
We are not just collectible dolls. We have collectible figurines too. Have a look at the beautiful
ones for sale here. We're in the process of adding a collection of very nice Collector Plates.
They will be seen on our Figurines page.

We are not just about collectable dolls, figurines and other collectibles. We also offer our consignment sales service to amateur (ham) radio operators and anyone having ham radio related items they wish to sell. Dooley's Treasure Chest has a companion web site dedicated to the interest of ham radio operators. Offering technical resources and information related to the hobby but also offering our consignment sales service to anyone with ham radio related items they wish to sell. Vintage radios, modern radios, or anything in between. We can list it for sale for you. We will also help you with ham radio estate sales.

Whether you have upgraded your ham radio equipment and are looking to sell your previous radios or you have extras, or for whatever reason you have equipment to sell, we can list it there just like we list the collectible dolls and other collectibles here. Of course it does not have to be exactly ham radio equipment. If it's of interest to ham radio operators it fits. Take Me to the Ham Radio Web Site

As with all of our consignment sales service, there is no fee or other charge for listing your items for sale. There is no time limit for leaving them listed. There is commission collected on sold items.
Daddy's Long Legs Uncle Sam Uncle Sam - black To commemorate the contributions of the countless black heroes and patriots to America. Doll Number DL35A, Mint Condition, 18 inches. Introduced 1/95. Retired 7/97. Number produced: 1,510. New in box with paperwork and original box. Seller: jh.
Price: $400.00
S/H $20.00

Buddy by Daddy's Long Legs.

1998. This is the only Buddy we have listed. They don't come along very often. This seller has TWO of them available. They are new in the box with paperwork and original box. Seller: jh
Price: $55.00 S/H $20.00
Susan Wakeen Signiture Collection Series
"Beautiful Brown Eyes"
"Beautiful Brown Eyes" by Susan Wakeen. Limited Edition. Number 1059/1500. Vinyl head and limbs. Fabric body. About 18" long. In setting position. No damage or defects on her body. Pink dress and bonnet trimmed in white lace. No visible wear or damage to dress or bonnet. White under skirt trimmed in lace. No wear, damage or soiling visible on the underskirt. White calf length bloomers. The only fault I can see with the bloomers is the slightest hint of fading (or a little yellowing) on the back of the hem of one leg and another small area on the back side of one of the bloomer legs. You really have to look at it in a bright light to even see them. It is not noticable and is on the back side. She has pink shoes with lacy ribbon ties. Her socks are white with folded down lace edging. The heels of the shoes show a very slight amount of soiling. The doll was displayed setting on a bed for some time and it looks like it just picked up a tiny amount of rub off from the surface. I tried taking a photo to show it but it is too faint to be visible in the photo. I suspect that it could be cleaned off but the risk of damaging the material is not worth it considering the insignificance of the defects. This doll was made in the early 1990's. Somewhere between '89 and '96. Has Certificate of Authenticity and original box. Very Good to Excellent condition. Seller: tw
Price: $75.00
S/H $20.00

Wayne Gretzky - 1982-83

"The Great Gretzky Le Magnifique" Made by Mattel figurine is 12" tall, this is new in box (NIB), near mint condition. Nicknamed "The Great One", he has been called "the greatest hockey player ever" by many sportswriters, players, and the NHL itself. Comes with hockey stick, and skates, and gloves.
Price: $175.00 S/H Free

Daddy's Long Legs Figurines Mixed-medium figures capture the unique style of Daddy's Long Legs characters.

Daddy's KeepSakes Collectibles KeepSakes Nursery Rhymes. KeepSakes Christmas Ornament Set.

First Edition Daddy's Figurines Daddy's Keepsakes first editions. When Karen Germany created these figurines she didn't realize that Hallmark Corp. would object to her using the term "keepsakes" and that she would have to stop using it. These figurines are marked on their boxes "Daddy's Keepsakes" as you can see in the pictures. All future figurines were simply called "Daddy's".

Collectible Figurines from Ebony Vision Limited Edition collectibles
Thomas Blackshear is an African American artist, many of whose paintings adorn Evangelical Churches. He is also a sculptor and a designer of ornaments. The Thomas Blackshear Ebony Vision collection was introduced in April 1995 with the release of six designs - The Madonna, The Nurturer, The Siblings, the Tender Touch, The Storyteller and The Protector.

bisque porcelain dolls Bisque Porcelain dolls from Danbury Mint and Franklin Mint

Susan Wakeen doll Susan Wakeen and Julie Goode-Kruger New Price Reduction. Don't miss these.

Ashton Drake dolls New Ashton Drake Collection Dolls from artists Kathy Barry-Hippensteel and Yolanda Bello

Porcelain dolls by Franklin Mint, Hamilton, Danbury Mint Dolls

Barbies Collectible Barbie Dolls Hollywood Legends Barbie as Scarlett O'Hara series - Barbie & Ken Star Trek - More Theme Barbie Favorites

Collectible dolls Aubrey Betty Jane Carter Limited Edition Musical "Aubrey" Doll

Porcelain and vinyl dolls in this collection. Great American Doll Company, Heirloom Dolls, Diana, the Princess of Whales Porcelain Portrait Doll, Corolle, and other popular brands.

Classical Symphony Porcelain Dolls
Prices Reduced and New Dolls!

Victoria by Daddy's Long legs

Limited Edition. Resin body and limbs. Length, 21 inches. She is dressed in a white moiré wedding gown with white lace. Her veil is white lace with white tulle, and she carries a lace and floral bouquet. Introduced 01/94. Retired 06/95. Number produced: 2,500.Signed. DLL94A. The doll is in good shape with no visible markings or defects. Does not have original box. Seller: bh
Price: $130.00 S/H $20.00

American Girl dolls American Girl Dolls When we cannot offer the favorites you are looking for because we do not have sellers currently listing them on our site, we will do what we can to provide you with trusted partner merchants who do carry those items. Here they are. We need more American Girl doll listings. The ones we had went fast. That shows how popular they are. If you have any to sell, let us know. No, we don't buy them ourselves but we have potential buyers asking for them so we need your consignment listings.

Look at this collection. New Price Reduction in time for the Christmas shopping season
Ashton Drake dolls Dorothy's Collection
Ashton Drake and other beautiful porcelain dolls Ashton Drake’s Yolanda Bello:The dolls in this collection are all from the Picture Perfect Babies doll collection, first series of porcelain dolls ever to bear the name of the Edwin M Knowles China Company. Also dolls from The Rainbow of Love doll collection, Heavenly Gifts Collection, Yolanda's Playtime Collection, Yolanda’s Lullaby Babies Collection.
Collectible dolls Baby Bud Faeries From an exclusive collection of handcrafted dolls. Limited Editions

Amish Blessing figurines Amish Blessing Figurine Dolls Collectible Amish Dolls by Julie Good-Kruger from the Ashton-Drake Gallery. Handcrafted fine Bisque Porcelain by Edwin M. Knowles, maker of fine China, with a tradition of quality.

Diana Princess of Wales doll Danbury Mint and Franklin Mint Porcelain collectible dolls in this collection. New dolls have been added and prices have been reduced for all of the dolls.

Collectible dolls Anstasia Porcelain Doll - Hosanna Cristina -1994 Artist Mazie Pannell

madame alexander Madame Alexander Dolls

Collectible dolls Darla's Collection Ganz and other award winning dolls

Collectible dolls Memory Maker Bears Handcrafted Bears

Harmony Kingdom Figurines Beneath The Ever Changing Sea with Lord Byron the ladybug traveler. Purrfect Tidings and Ruffian's Feast, tile figurines. Harmony Kingdom, the original box figurines. Crafted with crushed marble, they have the look and feel of antique ivory.

Harmony Garden Figurines Adventures of Lord Byron the traveling ladybug. Original box figurines from Harmony Kingdom.

Harmony Kingdom Animals It's a zoo out there!

We have more collectible figurines and collector plates

Shop Magic Cabin's Selection of Dolls & Dollhouses - Click Here!

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High quality professional photographic prints suitable for framing to add beauty to any decor. See Them

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